MW: The Qatar 1 MotoGP Pre-Race Show!

Can anyone beat Ducati in Qatar? MotoGP 2021 is here: we discuss Marc Marquez missing the opening rounds, Valentino Rossi considering another season, the MotoGP News, and more! Plus – my Preview and Picks for the QatarGP!

The Rundown

– Fantasy MotoGP update: both leagues are open – sign up now!
– MotoGP News:
– Marc Marquez is officially out for the first two rounds – when will he return?
– Valentino Rossi could race again in 2022
– Your Comments:
– Was the Qatar test a mirage for Yamaha?
– Marc Marquez – did he make the right decision? Can he still win the title?
– VR46 could end up working with Aprilia
– The Post of the Week returns (and you can win something cool)!
– Qatar! My full Preview and Picks for the QatarGP


9:20 – Marc Marquez out for Qatar
17:55 – Valentino Rossi racing MotoGP in 2022?
57:59 – QatarGP Preview and Picks

We’ve got a Bonus Episode this week! Check out the separate Moto2 and Moto3 Preview Show!

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