MW: Valencia MotoGP Pre-Race Show

Will we see a Fabio-Pecco showdown in Valencia? I preview the 2021 MotoGP season finale…without Marc Marquez. Again. Plus: the latest MotoGP News, Valentino Rossi’s final race – and picks for the ValenciaGP!

The Rundown:

– MotoGP News:
– Marc Marquez is out again this weekend – just how big of a deal is it?
– The Binder Blunder: should MotoGP have a Super License? And will Portimao affect his Premiere Class ride? Should it?
– Pics and Video
– Valencia! Full preview of Round 18 of the MotoGP season finale in Valencia
– The Track, Favorites, My Watch List – and my picks for the ValenciaGP!

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