MW: Jerez SpanishGP Post-Race Show!

A pair of Championship battles are down to single-digits, and the MotoGP race has a REALLY unusual twist! We recap all of the SpanishGP action in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP on the Jerez Post-Race Show!


– Moto3: 2:10
– Moto2: 13:23
– MotoGP: 20:40

The Rundown:

– Moto3: an intense battle leads (once again) to the superstar rookie against the veterans
– Moto2: a more ‘sedate’ race leads to much closer Championship standings
– MotoGP: One rider dominates…oh, wait – no, he doesn’t…
– Why the rider you thought was going to win ran into problems
– Ducati gains momentum, whether they were expected to or not
– The Yamaha and Suzuki riders don’t all hit their targets
– Marc Marquez takes a step in the right direction – but was it a big enough step?
– The MotoGP Championship picture
– My Take on Jerez

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