MW: Petronas Unveils Bikes…And Maybe A MotoGP Satellite Deal?

Does Petronas SRT already have a deal with Yamaha for 2022? What would that mean for VR46? We talk about the Satellite situation, along with more team presentations, (even) more Aprilia drama, the latest MotoGP News, and more!

The Rundown

– Team Presentations: Pramac and Petronas pull the covers off of their 2021 bikes
– Does Petronas already have a deal in the works with Yamaha? What happens with VR46?
– Aprilia Drama – Marco Bezzecchi tells why he said no to their MotoGP offer
– MotoGP riders check out the new Turn 10 at Catalunya
– Mika Kallio does some ice racing, and it does not work out well…
– Your comments on Fantasy MotoGP, the Yamaha Satellite situation, Riders moving up from Moto2, opinions on the 2021 MotoGP season, and lots more!
– Pics and Video

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