MW: EuropeanGP Post-Race Show, Yamaha MotoGP Drama!

The 2020 surprises continue in Valencia! Yamaha lands in hot water, multiple Championship races tighten – and one rider steps up to the challenge! We recap all of the EuropeanGP action in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP on the show! What did you think of the race?


Moto3: 3:35
Moto2: 13:58
MotoGP: 21:12

The Rundown:

– Moto3: A major incident leads to an unusual race
– Should lap-down riders be allowed in the lead pack?
– Moto2: A major incident leads to a LOT of Championship drama
– MotoGP: multiple riders need to make a statement – and one actually does
– Yamaha Drama! We start our discussion of the penalties, and the controversy
– One manufacturer has a REALLY bad weekend…and another a really good one
– The MotoGP Championship Picture
– My Take on the first Valencia Race

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