MW: More MotoGP Surprises – the TeruelGP Post-Race Show!

One Class gives us great racing, another a dominating performance – and there is Championship drama across the board! We recap all of the action from the TeruelGP in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP – talking about the Title race in each. What did you think of the race?


Moto3: 2:00
Moto2: 10:01
MotoGP: 19:03

The Rundown:

– Moto3 – A banger of a race, with a final corner even crazier than last weekend
– Moto2 – A dominating performance shakes things up in the Title Race
– MotoGP – New riders arrive on the Championship scene, while others struggle to keep up
– Winners and Losers in from the Premiere Class – who stepped up?
– The MotoGP Championship – more riders look legit heading into the final phase of the season
– My take on the TeruelGP

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