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Martin’s Mistake, Marc’s Massive Comeback – GermanGP Recap

The GermanGP seemed to be as much about luck as it was performance – I recap a wild and unpredictable weekend at the Sachsenring that featured big comebacks, bigger mistakes, and a shakeup in the Championship!

The Rundown:

– How much bad luck can Marc Marquez have in one weekend?
– The real surprises start in qualifying
– Sprint Race – Martin stops Pecco’s charge in the points. Briefly.
– MotoGP Race  – One corner could make a season’s worth of difference
– Marc pulls off another epic comeback
– Trackhouse turns heads
– The ‘podium brothers’
– One Ducati rider finally starts to find his way
– The MotoGP Championship picture – things are a LOT different now
– My take on the GermanGP

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