Pramac to Yamaha: Why it Doesn’t Matter for Ducati

The MotoGP Silly Season surprises just keep on coming! Pramac’s long-rumored move to Yamaha is happening, and some people are calling it a Disaster for Ducati. But is it really? I tell you why Ducati might actually come out a little better off, and how big of a boost Pramac will be for Yamaha. 

The Rundown:

– Pramac to Yamaha: another big Silly Season move in MotoGP.
– Why Pramac is leaving Ducati – it isn’t what they are saying publically.
– What does this move mean for Yamaha? Spoiler, it is a really good thing.
– What is Ducati losing?
– Did Ducati mess everything up losing multiple riders, and now an entire team?
– Why Ducati might be better off in the end. 

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