Championship Intrigue, Marc Madness – AragonGP Post-Race Show!

We definitely saw the unexpected in Aragon – along with some big Championship developments! I recap all of the AragonGP action in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP, and give you my take on the race and major storylines!


Moto3 – 2:59
Moto2 – 16:55
MotoGP – 28:17

The Rundown:

– Moto3: a highly unusual race with some highly unusual happenings in qualifying
– Moto2: another quality battle for the podium positons, as the Title challengers fight for points
– MotoGP: a crazy first lap, and a thrilling final one
– How do you feel about team orders?
– A pair of future teammates square off. Again.
– Big performances in MotoGP
– The MotoGP Championship – things are at a different level now

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