MW – LeMans MotoGP Post-Race Show!

Big performances, big mistakes, and a lot of awesome fans – LeMans put on a fantastic show for the FrenchGP! I recap all of the Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP Action in LeMans, and give you my take on post-race show!


– Moto3: 3:39
– Moto2: 17:01
– MotoGP: 26:56

The Rundown:

– Moto3: Rain, wrecks and phenomenal last-corner action
– Moto2: what happened at the front? Plus – the Championship battle gets closer
– MotoGP: the favorite stumbles, and (another) surprise winner steps up
– What happened to the pre-race favorite? I explain how the struggles make a difference
– Did this race make the 2023 decision for Ducati?
– The manufacturer that is stealing the show this season
– MotoGP Championship – three riders are super-close – who else could get in the mix?
– My take on the FrenchGP

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