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2021 Fantasy MotoGP League Info

The 2021 MotoGP Season is here, and it is time to go racing! Can you put together the perfect team?

Every year, the Motoweek Podcast hosts a Fantasy MotoGP League – actually, this year there are two!

The “official” league is on, and it is the league where we have awarded custom trophies to the top three finishers, including the coveted Golden Brake Rotor Award for the winner!

The second Fantasy League this season is at – no trophies in that one, but I’ll come up with some sort of prize for the winner!

Both leagues are free to sign-up, free to play – and a lot of fun! There are slightly different rules in each, but the idea is the same: you are given an in-game budget, and you can pick your favorite riders and bikes – as they score points in the season, your team scores points, too.

The links below will take you directly to each league to sign up:

The Motoweek Fantasy MotoGP League on Sportsdeck – league number 931834

The Motoweek Fantasy MotoGP League on – league code T5TNL5WJ

The instructions for the league:

1. Login or create an account
2. Build your MotoGP™ team
3. Head to the Leagues section
4. Click Join League
5. Find the league by entering the league code – T5TNL5WJ – in the search bar and click Join

Good luck!