Motoweek – Dec-22 – Biggest Stories of 2016

We continue the Motoweek 2016 season review with the biggest stories of the year! My top-12 headliners of the season, plus – the MotoGP news: Suzuki talks Satellite teams, life without Winglets, Lorenzo is already playing strategy with Ducati…and more! Check it out on the latest podcast!

The Rundown:

– Suzuki looks to expand
– Valentino was looking to leave MotoGP
– Marc Marquez pulls a Rossi: wins on the dirt
– The Rookie Rule isn’t coming back…and that’s quite alright with me
– Life without Winglets – we’ll talk about one rider’s view of the very near future
– Lorenzo and Stoner – future buddies, or a smart political move?
– Tire news for next season
– The Motoweek 2016 season review, Part 4: my top-12 news stories of the season (and you’ll probably be surprised how I rank them!)

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