Motoweek Podcast – Dec 15 – 2016

How many Andreas are upset with each other? Find out on the latest Motoweek Podcast! We also discuss what might replace winglets on the track,Dani Pedrosa talks about how MotoGP bikes have changed – and Part 3 of our 2016 MotoGP Season Review: we recap and grade every Ducati team!

The Rundown for the Show:

– The Andreas, and why they won’t be getting Christmas Cards from one another this year
– Teams are preparing for what comes after the Winglet
– One Rider is suddenly on the Winglet bandwagon…just a little late
– More Maverick compliments – he nets himself another big-time championship endorsement
– Which manufacturer is considering Moto3
– Teams vote for the best event of 2016…
– …And then they FINALLY admit something that we all figured out a long time ago
– Dani Pedrosa talks MotoGP changes over the years
– Tire changes
– Part 3 of the Motoweek 2016 MotoGP review – Ducati, Ducati….and more Ducati!

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Thanks for listening!

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