MotoWeek – Sept 01 – 2016

The series heads to Silverstone, but will the rain be there when they arrive? We’ll break down the upcoming race, analyze the MotoGP Championship contenders chances, plus – the Honda debate continues, texting-while-racing, the latest MotoGP news, British GP picks, and more!

Here’s the Rundown for the show:

– The British GP – what makes the track such a challenge
– The Championship contenders -what Marquez, Rossi and Lorenzo should be aiming for this weekend
– Who is this race the most important for?
– The Great Honda Debate, Part 2 – Crutchlow chimes in on Honda’s direction
– The ‘Virtual Billboard’ – who’s not in favor of it, and whether their arguments have merit
– MotoGP News – another Lowes makes an appearance, KTM might be listening to the show
– Picks for Silverstone!

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